August 28, 2011

Funnycaps 2.0: 'Star Trek: Enterprise'

I promised I'd be doing more of these off of other shows I like, and here's what I've been up to: Enterprise: Warped Speed.

Read 'em here


I found someone's done a couple multi-panel funnycaps at a fun silly site for Reed/Tucker fans. Perhaps this sort of thing will catch on, and I'll see more multi-panel ones out there.

August 25, 2011

LEGO "Fundae Sundae"

Here're some pics of LEGOs I made a while back off of the Misfits of Science. I couldn't resist building myself a Fundae Sundae cos I just love that little ice cream truck, it's as iconic an 80's vehicle for me as KITT or the DeLorean. Of course then it had looked lonely with no figurines, so I made some of the gang, and a few other props. Ah, interacting with LEGOs always makes me feel like a kid again :D

The Fundae Sundae, driver's side, Billy driving.

The whole gang at Fundae
(L to R: Dick, Billy, El, Beef, Jane, Gloria,
Johnny B speedrunning into frame just in time).

Fundae backview, Billy, Gloria, and El.

Other side of Fundae, Misfits in cab.

Glo using her TK to gain entry past guards.

Beef at Fundae with freezer.

Johnny B and his motorcycle.

Johnny B on stage rocking out.

Billy watching the boob tube, El standing,
shelves with 'unknown items'.

Billy watching the boob tube, El shrunk.

Billy still watching the boob tube, El back to normal size.