January 4, 2014

"Misfits of Science: An Oral History"

Years ago in your youth you watch a TV show and fall completely in love with it. But horribly it seems to be unloved by the world at large, and you can find nothing substantial in the way of behind-the-scenes info. You quest for years for further knowledge, yielding bits and pieces only, scraps of mentions here and there. This is all you have to feed your insatiable desire to read more about your beloved TV show, so you allow it to be enough. All the while you're screaming on the inside, wishing your show was as popular as other sci-fi, like "Star Trek" or "Heroes", where every detail of creation, production, and filming is so readily available as to be impossible NOT to find. But then.... Miraculously.... Joyously.... AN ORAL HISTORY IS PUBLISHED!!

It's gloriously crammed from digital cover to digital cover with absolutely nothing but words from the cast and crew reminiscing about their time with the show and the era when they worked on it! It's got trivia you never even dreamed of! It's got anecdotes that make you laugh and cry together! It's got that ever-sought-after, ever-before-elusive behind-the-scenes info! Marred only by the two inevitable drawbacks to it - not being nearly long enough and not being able to include interviews from those who have passed away - it is the Holy Grail of your Misfits of Science searches.

Thank you so much Will Harris for making that part of my life and childhood complete :)


January 1, 2014

2 Cool "Person of Interest" Fan-vids

These were two totally awesome fan-vids of POI that I discovered over at YouTube - yaknow, during those long 3-week waits between new episodes, where you desperately watch anything that gives you the same tingling excitement as watching an episode does. This show has SO MANY COOL MOMENTS, it's reaaaalllly difficult to include them all in one video ;) But I think these do a great job of collecting some of the best ones into little narratives of their own. Oh yeah, and they've also introduced me/made me a fan of both these FANTASTIC songs!