October 18, 2015

Elvin Lincoln's jacket - the genuine article

So recently, I, along with the help of other misfits (thank you guys so much!), was able to acquire the screenworn jacket used by Kevin Peter Hall's stunt double on Misfits of Science. It's awesome to hold a piece of television memorabilia from your favorite childhood TV series!! I inspected every inch of it, and below are photos of the jacket and some interesting details:

An adjustment to the size?

The word 'Misfits' is curved and the other 2 are straight.

The bright pink embroidery, with all its shiny texture, is very cool.

Having never owned a varsity jacket, I hadn't realized the collar and cuffs folded out.

There's an interesting pink-colored smudge (the same shade as the lettering) on one sleeve. My imagination runs wild with explanations, of course. Paint from the Fundae Sundae perhaps?

The inside is a comfy smooth rayon lining. Yes, I tried it on, even though it's about 8 sizes too big for me! ;)

So, the Misfits' jackets are Albion award jackets - a popular sports jacket manufacturer.

The care tag lists the sleeve material as cowhide even though the sleeves are clearly the same wool as the body. There are plenty of Albion varsity jackets with leather sleeves, so I guess it's just a one-for-all type of tag.

A barcode firmly affixed to the inside states, 'Universal Studios.' You know, that company that would shred or burn the wardrobe and other props from its discontinued shows. That is, if they weren't rescued first, like this jacket was. We really owe you one, Eric, thank you again!

Another thing I noticed while studying this jacket was that it has 8 snaps. (What? Doesn't everybody obsessively count sets of objects in their view?) Well, it has 8 because of its large size for our wonderful giant, Kevin Peter Hall (or stunt double, who would have had to be similar in height anyway). Billy's and Johnny B's jackets both have 7 snaps, and Gloria's has 6, the smallest of them all. (Probably a good thing this jacket was El's large one, cos if it had been Gloria's I would've been sorely tempted to wear it all day every day instead of preserve it in bug and water proof storage.) Gloria's jacket also opens with the female style (top snaps are on the right - to the person wearing it). Billy, El, and Johnny B's jackets all open with the male style of top snaps on the left-hand side of the jacket. This leads me to believe that the crew member who retained this crew jacket that was once listed on eBay was a woman. And also 7 sizes smaller than KPH.