March 17, 2011

"The Television Guru"

Short-lived shows... the television landscape abounds with them. And sadly, they are sometimes looked down on as though, if you haven't had as many episodes as things like Sopranos or Star Trek, then you can't possibly be of as much quality. Not true. Heck, most of my fave series have fewer than 20 episodes to their name. One place where short-lived shows are not belittled, but instead showcased, is Friday@8/7Central - a wonderful blog written by a very TV-knowledgeable and very friendly bloke, Tim Rose.

I've been hooked on reading his oh-so-informative articles on TV shows (both long-past and almost-present), ever since he told me he was doing one on Misfits of Science (now that's 'lite, huh?).

The articles do more than just give you trivia bits, they capture the essence of a particular series, and for those couple thousand words it's like you're re-watching an episode or two. And when the article is to a series I've never seen, or sometimes never even heard of before, then it's a nice nutshell introduction to it.

In Tim's own words:
"There’s a saying in acting about there being no small parts, only small actors. My version, at least as far as this endeavor is concerned, is that there are no short shows, only short memories… and my goal has always been to make sure that the memories aren’t always that short."

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