June 14, 2011

Richard Chaves Live Appearance

Guess what, Richard Chaves is slated to make a live appearance in Houston, TX in July for the 34th Annual Reliant Park World Series Of Dog Shows. Now you may be wondering: Why a dog show? But it ties in with Buzzoose Productions' animatated film 'Jimmy Paul: The Pug Tooth Fairy'. Richard Chaves has done voicework for Buzzoose, which I think is very cool cos he has a fantastic voice, very nuanced and perfect for cartoons. I do hope he continues to do voice-overs, perhaps in any series they have in the works.

Vertical Sky Publicity

According to the press release: "Actors will be present in a special booth and will be available for photos and signing autographs", and also serve as judges to "open auditions for roles in three upcoming films" from Buzzoose Productions. It really sounds like fun, I wish I could make it!

Of doing the cartoon voice, Richard has said it was the most fun he's had in his career, and "I finally get a project where I get to be around kids where they're laughing and it's fun and it's not murdering, killing, and mayhem, I’m absolutely thrilled."

For the upcoming show in July, I'm sure he'll be surrounded by a lot more kids, and plenty of doggies too! :D

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