April 2, 2012

"Die Spezialisten Unterwegs", or: "Misfits of Science" on DVD

It's really difficult when one of your favorite shows' only DVD release is out of your country, but luckily I was able to track down a site that shipped internationally! And I was totally satisfied with their transaction too, so I'm definitely recommending it to any fans who are also interested in purchasing one. The set of 5 DVD's includes both the original Engish and the German audio tracks, was brand new in shrinkwrap, took about 3 & 1/2 weeks to come, and comes to about $50 USD (if the extra shipping costs of 12 euros is needed anyway, the shipping is free within Germany). Now it's region 2 of course, but since I play mine on my computer that wasn't an issue for me.

And, wow, is the set neat! The entire series of all 17 episodes (or 16 if you count the pilot as only one ep), on 5 discs with chapter select, 2.0 mono sound, and an 18 picture photo gallery. The menu screens have some soundtrack bits as the background music, which was realy cool to hear without dialogue in front. The slipcase with its pink neon on black, the main menu screen with its four-way splitscreen of scenes of the Misfits and their powers playing out to the rocking theme, make this set feel like it was made for fans who cherish the show and not like a slapdash Let's-throw-something-together-to-keep-these-people-quiet type of release some cult shows get stuck with ("War of the Worlds" Season one comes to mind - no scene select? No extras? No clean music bits? Not even a photo gallery? Nothing?!?!).

Maybe one day "Misfits of Science" will get a release in its native country, but for now, this set does the job beautifully! (as long as you can manage the foreign menu screens, lol).


  1. I think that we have to meet. I use your site to show my little boys what I did as a kid and even though they could care less, I GREATLY appreciate what you've collected and want to thank you in person. Let me know if you want to set something up. MTM- JB

    1. That would be fantastically amazing! Send me an email (th3rdbass@gmail.com) and we can set something up! :)


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