July 26, 2015

'Misfits Of Science' Limericks

Because 'Misfits of Science' is cool and so is the limerick form (don't let anyone tell you otherwise). These were written by my sister and make me giggle, smile, or cry at the perfection, depending.

Dean Paul Martin has some little fame
though mostly because of his name
but as Billy he shines
cause when he does his lines
he really gets into the game

If comedy timing's your thing
that's what to the role Martin brings
so you'll get lots of laughs
watching Billy make gaffs
and even occasionally sing


Billy, the leader of the team
is always hatching some scheme
when it doesn't work out right
he'll get into a plight
but he doesn't let it make him lose steam

His heart's in the right place, you know
and he doesn't mind letting it show
he wants people to ken
that "not fitting in"
just means "plenty of room left to grow"


A man called Kevin Peter Hall
an actor over seven feet tall
was offered the part
of a scientist smart
no need to wear makeup at all

He snatched up the role very fast
it was just what he wanted, at last
he played the role to the hilt
for this part he was built
and he added quite well to the cast


(told from the point of view of Billy)

My friend Elvin disliked being tall
cause he couldn't much play basketball
so he had a good think
and decided to shrink
and now he's the size of a doll

he was able to achieve this "diminish"
because he's such a good chemist
now he fits in his bed
without bumping his head
but alas for just fifteen minutes

The man, Mark Thomas Miller
plays a rock musician that's killer
so when he's on screen
you watch every scene
and don't think that any are filler

As for the rest of his role
the parts where he uses his volts
his miming's exact
doesn't look like an act
you'll think he can really fire bolts


(told from the point of view of Billy - do you sense a theme here? LOL)

My friend Johnny's electric
it took him awhile to accept it
now that he's fired
about being wired
we can always have free pyrotechnics

As for music, he's got quite a knack
for played C to B back-to-back
but if you tell him it's bad
he might just get mad
and then you may find yourself zapped


A young Courteney Cox plays a teen
of a type that you've never seen
it looks like she's doing
all the pushing and moving
cause her concentration's so keen

Courteney Cox plays Gloria with ease
equal parts stormy and breeze
she'll make you think twice
is she naughty or nice?
either way you're sure to be pleased

With Gloria Dinallo you'll be fooled
cause she looks like she's fresh out of school
but as you'll soon discover
if you look past her cover
she's a telekinetic who rules

She's really quite good in a fight
and is often annoyingly right
she likes rock 'n' roll
she has lots of soul
and her smile is dazzlingly bright

Jennifer Holmes played a part
that may not be considered high art
but Jane's scenes with Glo
were a high point of the show
and added to the series' moral heart

Jane's the probation officer for Glo
and she likes to remain in the know
she keeps an eye on her actions
tries to prevent new infractions
and delights in watching her grow

She's a true friend to Glo, you can tell
and a surrogate mother, how swell
and the times when she'll get
in a dealing with H.I.T
she'll keep Billy in line just as well

Max Wright always makes you laugh aloud
he's got something to please any crowd
the way he worries and wails
as Dick with his travails
would make any comedian proud

His performance is really quite strong
it seems as if he does no wrong
he can do a mean frown
or act like a clown
and pulls it all off with aplomb

Richard, or Dick as he'd like to be known
can ofttimes be heard to bemoan
please finish this task
is that too much to ask
and be kooky on time of your own

Richard's job is tough, no denying
but that doesn't keep him from trying
to make H.I.T run smoothly
without all the tomfoolery
and all the while keeping from crying

And 2 silly ones:

A guy named Johnny B. Goode
bought a guitar made out of wood
he played it real well
made it ring like a bell
like nobody else ever could

Three young friends rather silly
formed a trio, Dino, Desi and Billy
They had a little fame
because of their names
but critics were decidedly chilly

  Thanks to @SunglassesAtMidnight and @Emmanuelle for the B-Man and Johnny B. Goode pics!

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