September 6, 2015

What if Misfits of Science had a cartoon or comic book...?

It's fun to play 'what if,' and it's nearly impossible to resist when it comes to fandoms. What if Miracles had gone on for more than 13 episodes and Paul and Keel eventually had to take on the "coming darkness"? What if War of the Worlds had a reunion movie while all four main actors are still with us, what would a worthy storyline be? Or what if Misfits of Science had been allowed to become super popular and had gotten trading cards, coloring books, a line of comic books, or its own spin-off cartoon? That's one of the things I find so cool about this awesome pen and ink MoS fan-art from The Napkin Guy -- it helps me to imagine that alternate universe where such a thing actually became reality.....
Check out his other superhero drawings here:
Thank you @jetts31 for sending me the original drawing! It's now nestled in with the rest of my MoS collection :)

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