May 13, 2011

War of the Worlds: score & promos

Okay, here are a few War of the Worlds goodies.

First up are some tracks from the soundtrack. It's easy to 'overlook' score while you're watching cos your attention is being devoted to the action onscreen. I heard it said once by a movie composer that he preferred when people came out of a theater going "There was score?" cos he felt this meant he'd done his job and integrated the music so well that it went by as part of the whole experience and not as a standout feature. I see his point and kinda agree, but I think I prefer to have music reach out and grab me while I'm watching something :D I really enjoyed hearing these tracks separately cos it gave me a chance to pay the music some closer attention and get a fuller appreciation of it. It's clear that a big part of the alien atmosphere and suspenseful eerieness of WotW comes from it's fantastic background music.

A clean version (meaning it doesn't have the sound FX or Harrison's narration over the top) of the opening titles music to Season One:

And a nice longer version (used for the subliminal track in the "Choirs of Angels" ep) of the Billy Carlos ending theme from Season One:

Big thanks to BigPapiChulo for these and the others he has at his Youtube channel, including Quinn's theme and Katara's theme, both of which are quite nice.


Next up is a hybrid of the opening titles and ending theme (both from Season One - do you see a theme here?) that I put together for curiosity's sake a while ago. The ending music has always been a lot more hummable to me, and that's the one that would stick in my head and I'd recall later, so I wanted to see what it could've been like had that been the Theme Song. I find it neat that other fans have been enjoying the 'What if?' too.


And lastly, vids of (almost all) the series promos for both seasons. I remember seeing some of these back in 1988 and waiting SO excitedly for the next week's episode - oh, the memories... *sigh* It was one of the first TV shows I followed with fervor, so the promos were a big deal to watch and thrill over, knowing we were getting a nifty new ep coming up.

Interesting how the promo to "Vengeance is Mine" doesn't mention the main plot at all!

And I know it's a bit mean of me to always be championing Season One over Season Two, but I couldn't help but notice how the S1 promos often end with some clever wording based on that week's plot, but a bunch of the S2 ones end with just "On the next all new exciting episode of..." - alomost like they're trying to convince you "You will find it exciting". Maybe it was just some Morthren subliminal tactics going on :P

(Thanks to Boltax for bringing these promos to my attention :) )

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