April 24, 2011

'Misfits of Science' the video game?

Ever since mentioning this over at our MoS forum, I've been enamoured with the idea of helping put together a retro-style video game of Misfits of Science. The consensus is that it should be done how a computer game would have been like had it been made during when the show was airing in '85/'86. Bit more authentic that way. This means of course: 16 bit visuals and synth chip music - but hey, that's a fave style of mine, even these days, so I'm happy :D

We knocked around some different ideas, and everybody came up with some great suggestions for gameplay and storyline and whatnot. And now I can totally picture how nifty it would be to have a completed downloadable fangame, created for anyone who mourns the absence of an official MoS game!

The only problem is that we don't seem to have any members who have the opportunity and practise to handle the graphics and progamming :( So if anyone can fill that role and offer those services to the project, please contact me.

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