August 26, 2012

Awaiting the Season 2 Premiere of 'Person of Interest'

I am SO STOKED for the season 2 premiere of 'Person of Interest'!!

So many questions from the first season to be answered, and so many possibilities for new mysteries and reveals! The promises given by the cast and crew, both at ComicCon and on Twitter, of all the awesome things in store for us this season, have me so totally excited! I am looking forward to POI more than any other TV show this season. Actually, I'm having a hard time remembering when the last time I was this excited for a TV show to return even was... "Way to go, guys!"


I'm dying to have Harold's rescue take place, but I'm also glad it won't happen in the first episode of season 2 - for that means we get to see more of Reese coping with his absence. The absence of the man who not only gave him his renewed purpose in life but has also been a crucial part of all their prior missions together. So the greater amount of shots like this that that situation causes, the happier I'll be:

Check out these scans of the TV Guide ComicCon issue with nice appetizers and behind-the-scenes photos (courtesy of A Blog All About Michael Emerson)

'Behind the Scenes'

'Burning Questions'

'Under Surveillance'

The anticipation gets more and more acute as September 27th comes ever closer - only 4 weeks and 4 days to go now! Let the countdown begin...


Here's some desktop wallpaper I made, while trying in vain not to think of how long 4 weeks and 4 days is gonna take!

1924 x 1080

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