September 19, 2012

Fansite Spotlight: Pedia of Interest

"Person of Interest" is so totally one of those shows where little details count; where something mentioned in passing - episodes back - will come into play suddenly, making you leap with joy at how well-crafted the arc of those details was. A show like that deserves a repository where all that information can be collected and correlated (wait, that almost sounds like something the Machine does!). Enter Pedia of Interest, a wonderfully all-inclusive fansite, that is as comprehensive as you can get with a show that is still airing and so has a continual amount of data to be added. It's great watching it update with new info after an episode has aired.

Points of Interest:

  • The Mysteries page. How cool is it to have a breakdown of what's been divulged, mythology-wise, in the series so far?
  • A list of each person of interest (a.k.a. people whose number is known to have come up), even some that weren't the main number that week - that's being thorough, I love it!
  • A list of which episodes had flashbacks, and which character's they were.
  • The extensive amount of trivia throughout, like the aliases used by our main duo, and the titles of literature caught onscreen.

It's packed with so many crunchy POI tidbits, I'm not even sure I've entirely gleaned it all. Be careful though, the site may contain spoilers for the upcoming Season Two. That oh-so-anticipated second season that is only eight days away!

(Leila .gif from a POI fan on tumblr)

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